Meteorit International Arts Festival 2014

(Tenth annual International Arts festival Meteorit)

(Meteorit International Theatre, Bratislava)

(Workshops with international cooperation)

Mikhail Bulgakov: The Master and Margarita, drama study with artists from V4

Henrik Ibsen: Peer Gynt – drama with international cooperation

Town of Tales – (Tenth annual)

Meteorit is going to open the 10th International Arts Festival. The projects of Meteorit International Arts Festival 2014 are going to take place at the International Meteorit Theatre in Bratislava. Meteorit theatre´s particularity, with regards to other theatres, is its subtitle “the international theatre”. Briefly, it means that artists from many European countries are taking part in a creation and realization of the performances, particularly artists from all V4 countries.

Thanks to the Meteorit theatre the International Arts Festival Meteorit is going to happen in this place for the period of the whole theatre season.

Since it’s opening in March 2008, the Meteorit International Theatre has become the hub for international projects, mainly with artists from the Visegrad countries. Multinational and multilingual character of plays is associated with implementation of drama and dance elements, which leads to the creation of unique performances.

Meteorit wants to continue with the successful development of the theatre as the Central European center for contemporary art with the emphasis on performing arts.

Our goal is to establish a space where different point of views and approaches to contemporary staging procedures will be used, and last but not least to create an environment for mutual interpretation of cultures of European region.

Meteorit wants to present various art forms and enable long-term international cooperation between the artists from the Visegrad countries. In festival’s nine year long history we have developed extraordinary partnerships with participating artists and performing groups. Therefore, the festival has been extended from 10 days (7 years ago) to five months, in order to provide as much time as possible for the participating artists to present their work. From December 2014 to Juny 2015 our theatre will present drama performances, dance performances, concerts, exhibitions and workshops for artists and the general public. Several different plays will be performed repeatedly and exhibits will be viewable during the entire period. Meteorit will premiere two new theatre plays which will include artists from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Estonia. Not only these performances will be performed in our theatre but we will perform them in all Visegrad countries and Estonia. By doing so, Meteorit aims to present the culture of the Visegrad countries to other countries of the European Union as well. We believe that the confrontation of diverse cultures and their connection and combination would result in creation of new, unique art forms which would consequently enrich the society.

The 2014 theatre program includes Meteorit’s own productions (Mikhail Bulgakov: The Master and Margarita, Henrik Ibsen: Peer Gynt, The Brothers Grimm: Perinbaba/Mother Hulda, Town of Tales and realization of workshops “Inspiration”), as well as visiting performance groups in the fields of modern dance, world music, jazz and modern music, and various dance and other workshops.

The rehearsals for Peer Gynt will be conducted from December 2014, and The Master and Margarita from February 2015. The actors and other artists including dancers and visual artists are from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, and Estonia. We place great emphasis on presenting our work not only in Bratislava, Slovakia but also plan to perform in other Visegrad countries.

The festival and its preparations will be the continuation of the long-term cooperation on a year-round basis. Each year the number of Meteorit’s performances continually rises, as well as the organizer of the festival constantly seeks new and more interesting groups to present, in order to make the festival a popular event of high quality. Therefore, the promotion of the festival is extended every year, budget permitting. We are very pleased to say that not only the audience but also theatre groups, other artists (including visual artists), and the media have shown an increasing interest in the festival every year since the beginning.


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